Laundry Shop has never been this rewarding.

Through The Spin City Laundry Shop

Privilege Perks card, you automatically get

rewarded with free Privilege Perks card

points for qualified laundry

services transactions.


The Privilege Perks card also works like an

Discount or VIP Card wherein you can earn

more points when you use your Card for

purchases at any The Spin City Laundry Shop

Branches.The more points earned, the

higher the more perks and privileges to enjoy!.

Earn Points


You can use your Points to pay for transactions at any

branches of The Spin City Laundry Shop and other

Branches, and more soon.


Points Privilege Perks

Perks and Privileges Guidelines


The Privilege Perks card and Points are strictly issued correspondent to the membership levels.The validity of Perks and Privileges is co-terminus with the expiration of a member’s card. The Privilege Perks card must be valid and activated in order to avail of any of the Perks and Privileges.

For the full Terms and Conditions on Availment Privileges, please click here.


How to Earn and Redeem Points


There are easy ways to earn points with Privilege Perks Card.  You earn points from Booking Online, Referring a Friend, Celebrate a Birthday, Follow on Instagram, Like a Page on Facebook, Share on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, Share on Twitter and more soon. Book Online, using your Registered Account

and from partner retail shops (soon). These points will be loaded to your

Privilege Perks Card upon activation of your account.

Activate your card to start redeeming

by Registering your account and Only Book Online. 


1 Point = 1 Peso.