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Don't know where to stay in bgc taguig city? where to find the best laundry service? For only 29 per Kilo or 200 per 7 Kilos* and the turn-around time is as fast as 30 hours only. Our pick-up and delivery is always FREE because your safety is our utmost priority. The First and Only Laundry Shop in BGC Taguig, Pasig, Las Piñas, Makati and who use contact tracing forms since the beginning of this pandemic with Customized Laundry Options. Because We always provide what you deserve! Extra Clean, Fresh and Safe Services! The Real Cleanest, Safest, and Fresh laundry services.Innovate with what the customer in mind. Redefine Laundry Service! 

We go above and beyond in order to show our clients why we’re the best option for their needs, which include special features to ensure their top satisfaction. Read below to learn more, and contact us with questions.

We always provide high quality service, but we really pride ourselves on the additional features we offer with NO EXTRA CHARGE. Our business is complete with professional resources and experienced service providers to benefit all clients.


Tell us more about yourself and information that we need to profile your personal details.


Our system will route your request based on the information you will provide.


At the moment we are the only laundry shop where you can customized how we will wash your clothes, how we will handle it with additional care, what detergent soap and the percentage of disinfectant we will use if applicable.


Since we have 3 branches in Taguig we separate our clients who’s in Medical personnel or frontliners to regular residential customer.


You will receive a confirmation email that your booking is already scheduled and a call from the branch where the system assigned you.


Then under your profile in My Booking Tab if you register and create an account you will be able to see if the laundry is ready for delivery and we will send you a notification email as well if when is the best time to send your laundry.


You have 3 ways to settle the payment

thru Paymaya,


G cash

or with your debit or credit cards in the next coming weeks you can now also use your account with alipay and wechat.


You can also visit the PriceList details to check the best deals for your daily needs.



Providing Extra Clean, Extra Fresh and Extra Safe services TSC Group's mission and guides always our effort to become exemplary corporate citizens.


Why you will risk of washing your clothes in public if we can take care everything for you professionally and safely?



We believe that laundry service can be so much better and this is what we all need right now. More professional. Made easier, more convenient through technology. At The Spin City Laundry Shop, we innovate with the customer in mind. Redefine laundry service!

To learn more details about the laundry guidelines check the links below:

1. Privacy Policy

2. General Terms for All Services

3. Scheduling and Payment

4. Minimum Weight, Minimum Fee

5. Pick-up and Delivery Scheduling

6. Unattended Pick-up and Delivery

7. Allergies and Miscellaneous

For more information or urgent inquiry contact our Customer Service Hotline: +639177346323