Everything Started from a Closure. Part 2

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The Spin City Laundry Shop is born from a CLOSURE.

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“Good things happen to

Good People”. (Part 2)

Story by Mharis Caniezo

After several months of planning and research while waiting for the company to close which is current bank where The Eldest Son worked at he was able to find a small commercial space in Taguig City. At first he don’t like the place because too much effort/work to make the place look decent.

Since The Eldest Son is not familiar with the application or because it’s the first time he will dive to something he don’t know what will happen next. Someone recommended Ms E to help him with Everything.

Ms E is the type of person who knows Everything and Everyone. At first everything is going smoothly until The Eldest Son noticed that something is wrong.

Why everytime Ms E asked for funds...

for construction materials the Receipts is either missing or she forgot to asked one.

Why everytime Ms E asked for funds...

he never receive any change.

Why everytime Ms E asked for funds...

she’s having hard time to give explanation where to funds allocated to.

Then The Eldest Son decided this needs to be stopped or else nothing will happen. But when he decided to let go and confront Ms E he no longer have enough money to finish the construction of the shop and support his first few months operations. He no longer have enough money to continue. He suddenly felt like an idiot. And can’t blame anyone but only himself.

The Eldest Son asked himself several times.

“What happened?”

The Eldest Son asked himself several times.

Why I gave my trust to this person who I thought is good.

One day The Eldest Son decided to talk to random people online and share what he feel about his current situation and his plan to resolve his current dilemma. The Eldest Son is the type of person who never beg for help but what he needs is Ears who will Listen and Eyes who will Witness that he can make things happen on his own.

He didn’t give up because he believes that, if there’s a problem. There’s a solution.

That is the goal and will be his motivation to continue and create the solution on his own. Its proven that good things happen to good people.

Then one day The Eldest Son meet The Surgeon. The Surgeon listened to his problem and to his plan with all ears and heart. The Surgeon didn’t expect that there’s a Big Dream inside a Small Tiny Man.

Usually when The Surgeon meet people like The Eldest Son it's always like

“Different sad poor life story but the same ending question. Can I ask for money?”

But he never heard that question from The Eldest Son. All he can see is someone who is a brave, strong and persistence in achieving success despite of lock of money, being betrayed by someone in achieving success and even he don’t have enough he still manage not to forget where he came from and still organized Feeding Program to help the poor kids like him before. Then good things started to happen.

To be continued... (Part 3)

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