Everything Started from a Closure. Part 1

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The Spin City Laundry Shop is born from a CLOSURE.

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"The Eldest Son" (Part 1)

Story by Mharis Caniezo

There’s a young man who came from a poor family. His Father is a Pedicab Driver (the smallest type of community transport group in the philippines) and his mother is a house wife with 9 Siblings named Chris, Juvy, Beng, Luzeth, Kim, Lesly, Leo, Amber. I know you count it right only 8 lives the other one unnamed child died the day after she was born due to heart problem complications.

This Young Man is the Eldest. Imagine the life they have living in a 1 small bedroom apartment. Luckily both of their parents are hard working and a loving father and mother. So this eldest Child promise to his siblings that he will do his best to change the life that they have. 

The eldest son is also a hardworking student and have a talent in business at a very young age. During his high school days he sell sweets so he will have extra money. Then once he have a big amount in his savings he buy and sells perfumes to his wealthy classmates in exchange of doing their assignments and projects so they will buy it a higher price.

The eldest already knew at the beginning his father and mother can’t send him to University because of their social status and that is normal in their community.

Most of the people knew that the eldest is Talented but its a waste because the family is poor. So what the eldest do he tried his best to apply to different kind of scholarship and take the entrance exam to a University where he doesn't need to pay a lot because it's being subsidized by the government. 

Unfortunately he was not be able to get a grant for Scholarship because as per the government system he is not poor enough to be qualified. The eldest son did not give up. Because everyday he remember what he promised to his siblings.

He was so happy before the Graduation he got the news that he passed the Entrance exam but the problem now his who will support his college education expenses. He is a bit worried instead of celebrating the good news. who will help him to finish his education so he can reach his dream. The eldest son is a very happy bubbly little young dark thin man. Who will help someone like him of course no one.

But he never give up and think of his siblings that oneday he will be the one who will changes his family's life, but who will help him to change his. He said his kindness will build a path wherever he want to go.

His ability and perseverance will make him armored and his promise to his siblings will be his sword.

The eldest son inspiration is the young david who will defeat goliath (being lack of what he need) from the book of samuel.

He got a day Job in a Computer Shop and after he travel 8 hours in total everyday from his house going to his University. The eldest son looks very tired exhausted and looks like just in one blow he will die. But he never give up.

He already set his mind to his goal and what he want to become. As years past by. He struggles from time to time but since it's in his blood there is a businessman inside of him and a good skills on how to relate to people he use it for his advantage but not to take advantage. Since he works in a Computer Shop he always take the initiative that he will handle everything from brainstorming to research to drafting and they will have something to present for the class they just need to handle the finances and the eldest son will handle the rest.

Even his parents is not supporting the eldest son one day he invited his mother and father to dress up because they will go somewhere very important for the whole family and that’s The Eldest Son graduation day. Both his parents can’t stop crying and people are wondering why they keep on crying even their son is not a Magna or Suma or even Cum Laude but they feel from their heart and soul that’s not even enough for all the effort and sacrifices of The Eldest Son. 

Everyone is excited for the vacation after a very long and hard work years they can now rest. But for the eldest son

the real battle is about to begin which is the real world.

2 days right after the graduation day he started working No Vacation, No Rest, No time to waste it's like he’s in a haste. He was able to work in a big international banks like JPMorgan, Bank of America, Reuters.

Then when one of the company he used to work at was forced to be closed so the company gave them retrenchment they got a small amount of money but for the eldest son it's good enough so to start a business he need a proper planning and he knows to himself he can do it.

... (Part 2)

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