No Hope, No Home.

Written by: MC

Have you ever experience that you have no hope.

No hope of overcoming the shadow bigger and stronger than you.

No hope of fighting the urge that up until now you can’t figure out where it coming from.

No hope that tomorrow is another day or if things will become better.

You always ask yourself, where is your real home?

You try to find where you belong.

You tried so many times to build a home inside the heart of people you’ve touch and change their daily life. But why until now you can’t build your own home?

You always fight with fire, even the rain is hard and heavy.

They always thought that you are a fighter and your guard is always ready.

But they didn’t know that you’re only ordinary. Can get hurt and being hurt so many times and so long.

Sometimes you want to scream, please take me, I’m ready and I want to go back home, but you can’t because you don’t know where is your real home.

Before I always say and remind everyone that no matter how difficult things may seem,

there is always hope.

No matter how powerless we feel or how horrible things may seem,

we can't give up. We have to keep going.

Whatever we are battling at the moment, it will pass. We will make it through.

But why it so hard to say it to yourself when you experience the storm that gives you a lot of sores. Sores that become like a battle lesion that is so deep that takes so long to heal.

Hope is the things with feathers.

Finding hope even in the darkest time is so hard.

Sometimes you will feel lost or will give up,

because of every single day pass.

You feel like there’s no hope… there’s no home.

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